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22 Julio 2017

Sr. Hyekyung Park (Filomena)

Sister Hyekyung Park (Filomena) 
Working in Uridul Suimjari Shelter (A centre for teenagers abused sexualy or in risk)

“Trusting in the Providence and the hands of God of consolation, my day by day …!

After finished my day’s work when sunset appears in the westside while coming back home I feel light. It is because I Know I have a place to comeback, a place of rest.

Saying “a place of rest” doesn’t meant only to be a place of physical rest but the house where stays the Father that encourages me for the work made today and consoles and gives me mental and spiritual strength. The apostolate I am doing nowadays (shelter for teenagers abused sexually) is never an easy task and it takes a lot of mental stress. Incidents and accidents happen often and before them things seem not to change and any answer you look for seems to end in a totally darkness. That presses in your heart heavily but God calls me to transmit His consolation trough me with a generous heart with hope for human beings.

“Console, console my people”. I realize that living my mission as sister of our Lady of consolation, as an instrument of God’s consolation for the poor who see trampled upon their dignity mentally and physically is a gift and a grace. God bless me every day to live according my identity so I confess my love before God, the source of my existence and give Him thanks for allowing me to exist as sister of consolation in His love.

As He spoke to prophet Elijah: “Get up and eat or the journey will be too much for you!”, it seems He spokes to me. In truth in my inner I have many fears and because I am a weak being I fear that long path of suffering but nevertheless I live entrusting in the consoling and merciful hands of God my day to day. I start my day praying God to guide me with His hand’s care and give me strength and wisdom. Not to scape and continue today facing the challenges with a strong heart…

Then finished another day’s task coming back with a light step to the Father’s house where I live with other sisters of consolation and tonight again be in stillness in front of His love and taste His mercy and consolation hoping to see His bright smile.