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Ni lar Shwe
29 Junio 2016

Sister Mai Ni Lar Shwe (Esther)

Sister Mai Ni Lar Shwe (Esther) 

Dreams become truth

Do you believe that dreams become truth if there are…? In fact, you do. Firstly, let me share with you a little bit about the story of my vocation journey. As for me, there were many miracles, blessings and surprises along the way of my journey. Every time I think about my gift of vocation, I feel I am so blessed and I have deep faith in God more and more and, I surprise myself. How God called and chose this person Esther to be a follower of Him. Even He put me to involve in the mission of Consolation which I've never dreamed. Now my life is the answer for that Nothing is impossible for God.   From the day I made my first profession vows to God to until now, I keep on thinking these two questions that why did God choose me? Why did I want to respond HIM? The answer is because of Love. Without God´s love and mercy for me, I am not being Here. Of course, there is also my desire to be His faithful servant which I am dreaming on since I was a child.

             I still remember clearly that most people in my place thought and said to me that “you can’t be a sister, it is not fix with you…” at the same time some people whom I know, especially my beloved family and my sisters (NSC) said to me to continue my journey and gave me courage and helped me and consoled me a lot in my journey. Those people are the presence of God in my life that gives me Consolation.  There were many positive things (happiness, joy, peace) and negative things (sadness, hopeless, angry, painfulness) in my journey that make me strong and weak. My instrument to keep on my vocation is only prayer which gave me faith and hope in God. Nobody know totally my weakness and my strength but God knows everything about me better than me as it is expressed in Psalm-139. So that I have confidence in God. And I totally trust Him for everything, especially for my vocation.

             During the year of my formation I surrendered all my life to God and to sisters in Congregation especially my formators whom helped me and showed me the way how to follow Jesus Christ.  The experiences of living in formation house community made me realize many things and helped me to grow in fraternal love and mutual love in community life and to grow in my poor social relationships. From the deep of my heart, I am always thankful to God and Congregation which helps me to make my dreams become truth.

             Constitutions No. 9. Mission: By virtue of our apostolic vocation, we are sent to prolong the evangelizing work of Christ among those suffering from any need. With our serve of charity, we will show them the gratuitousness and tenderness of the “Merciful love of the Father “and announce to them Jesus as the only and the authentic Consolation for human beings.

             We carry out this mission through Christian education, service to the sick, social assistance, missionary activity and other ministries in conformity with our Charism, in accordance with the needs of men and women throughout history.             

             In the reality, here in Myanmar, our Roman Catholic is very few like our Congregation so that people of Myanmar don't know about us but they need God's console through us. I see people are waiting for us. When I visited my family, I was asked by many people from my place: “where is your convent? How many schools do you have? What are your apostolates? How do you console us?” I couldn't answer all the questions because we are still on the way. But I shared the dreams that we want to have here in the future such as kindergarten, shelter house for girls, boarding house for students, etc. The reason why I shared the dreams is I believe that the dreams become truth if there is faith, hope and love.

             Now I have already made my first profession that doesn’t mean I must stop my dream here. Just I start the real life’s dream in the real world.  I know there will be difficulties, challenges, temptations that can will make me to give up my treasure of vocation but also, I know I will get joy, peace etc. which will last forever within me. I am not afraid to accept the mission that will be given to me because I trust in God and in Congregation.

             What I am dreaming on now is I want to have very soon many movements, activities of Consolation here, in Myanmar. I believe that our Mother St. Maria Rosa Molas is also dreaming on…  like us.  Let us continue bring together our Mother’s dream to all our brothers and sisters around the world. Are you ready? Fighting!!!!