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Inmaculada Virseda
22 Julio 2017

Sister Inmaculada Virseda

Sister Inmaculada Virseda (Spanish sister missionary in the Philippines)

"Jesus, You gave your life for me, I want to give my life for you".

I am from Granada, Spain. I grew up in a Christian family where I learned that God was the most important thing in my life, and that Jesus was the center of my life, my comfort, my teacher and my model to Love God and serve Him in the people. I met the Sisters of Consolation at the age of 14 when I joined the prayer group in Granada. They helped me to get closer to Jesus, especially through prayer with the Bible. I was also part of the COM group that helped me discover my vocation to bring the Consolation of God. When I was 15 I participated in a seminar during Holy Week. On Good Friday, praying before Jesus who gave his life for me on the Cross, I felt in a special way the great Love of Jesus for me and his call: "Jesus, You gave your life for me, I want to give my life for you".

Reading the life of Saint Maria Rosa Molas and the life of Sister Mª Teresa González Justo, I discovered in the Sisters of Consolation my vocation to follow Jesus. The words of Saint Maria Rosa Molas connected with the desires of my heart: " the Lord has called and gathered the Sisters of Consolation to Love, honor and make known and venerate Jesus Christ and serve Him in the poor ", " I only desire that the poor be served and God be praised ", " In the person of the poor and sick we will see Jesus Christ himself ".

I have been a Sister of Consolation for 25 years. As I remember these 25 years, in my heart there are many people whom I have been able to serve and bring the Consolation of God, thanks to the Congregation of Sisters of Consolation: sick, elderly, abused women and their babies, single mother and their babies, immigrant mothers and their babies ... Also During this time I have been fortunate to share my life, the mission of Consolation, the prayer… with Sisters of Consolation and members of the Consolation family: youth of COM, Consolation Laity, Volunteers, Samuel Festival team, Friends of the different Parishes ...

Now I am a missionary in the Philippines. Here we have comprehensive education, nutrition and health projects for children in situations of social exclusion. I thank God for calling me to follow him as a Sister of Consolation. I thank him because, in this way, the Lord Jesus has given me the gift of fulfilling the desires He placed in my heart. Each day that passes I feel more in love with Jesus, our God and savior, who went through the world comforting and doing good. Like Mary, our Mother, I also want to renew every day my yes to what God wants of me.