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Testimonio MTR
Testimonio MTR
02 Agosto 2017

María Teresa Rosillo

The joy to be Consolation

To be a Sister of Consolation, I never thought a similar thing until I was 20 years old. It is too much time to remember because I am more than 50 years being a Sister of Consolation.  Before I had the normal plans in a girl of my time: to get married, to form a big happy family, like my older sister that in that time had already seven children and in the meantime  to have a good time. Contemporarily God was like growing in my personal space. I don´t know how but God was each time more important for me. I felt the need to account with Him for anything. It could be consider normal, the proper of a good Christian person. I worked in movements of the Church, helping to the people but God continued growing in my inner been. That was not enough.

A good day the IMPORTANT of my life gave me a suggestion: “You must surround yourself to me totally”, but where? how? It was my personal decision.  Purely by chance I went to stop in my School of Consolation, where I received the first education. It follows a short time of re-knowing and at 21 years old I enter in the Congregation. I started to be a Daughter of Santa Maria Rosa Molas. Even nowadays I can´t understand how could give that step, how to broken with such things. I made it sure, never doubted. An intensive life was waiting me: formation, studies, responsibilities, many and not easy tasks, trips around the entire area of the Congregation.  Dreams, hopes, trials and…  I arrived to the Philippines, just when in my country the people start to think in the retirement.  Here I started a new life it was like a new birth. Also, I entered in a new School, the Life’s University where I follow in a perpetual enrollment and I will die learning every day new things: languages, cultures, places, customs, idiosyncrasies…  you never stop learning when you are foreigner in a country.

And the best:  always discovering God in the deep of all, always feeling myself as an instrument of his Son, Jesus Christ, the Consolation of the new People. In my case this new town of marginalizes among whom we are living, to whom we are trying to promote, empower. It is the land where I must be Consolation, something different to give consolation; it is the difference between “being and giving”. In a constant strive to be coherent, all my life more than happy, experiencing a strange plenitude that come from the Faith and is a gift from God.

María Teresa Rosillo, 11 years ago appointed in the Philippines, now living  in the Community of Cebu City.