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29 Junio 2016

Ser hermana

Nobody is born a sister of consolation, each has its own history and its own personal reasons different. All agree on one thing: at a given time, we have been called by God to follow Jesus in the religious life according to the charism of the Consolation, and every day we try to respond with generosity to be instruments of the mercy and consolation of God.
As a sisters of our Lady of Consolation we know that the future of our Congregation writes its history through of all us so every morning we ask ourselves how to:
make new our choice to follow Christ.
commit ourselves to build fraternal communion.
revive our apostolic spirit.

We trust in the words of encouragement of our Saint Mother Maria Rosa Molas and put ourselves in the hands of God who loved us and chose us first.

"If we knew the great benefit of having been called by the Lord, we would be very grateful to him".

"Let us not distrust my daughters of the love of God, with his grace we can be the instrument of his mercy".