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One Fath
One Fath
One Fath
30 Mayo 2023
One Fath, One God, One Vocation Journey
One Fath, One God, One Vocation Journey In A Synodal Church. Uban
Ta Bai!!!
With the DVP ( Directors/ Directresses vocation promotor) had
succefully celebrated this vocation jumboree in USJR (University of San
Jose – Recoletos, Cebu city , Phlippine) last February 25-26, 2023.

Agrate crowd of young people had paticipated in this program. It was
an impact for us by seeing the great crownd and qutatity of the young
people. Through this view and figure of these young people, we are
giving motivation and responsibilty to care more about them. With our
effort and desire it is necessary to create an atmosphere for the young
people to see and feel of themselves belonge to the Church.

The purpose of the event is not only for promoting of vocation but also to
accompany them and bring them with us in the church. Let us journing
together with the young people in the church.