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Asia´s Delegation
Asia´s Delegation
28 Junio 2016


Head Quarter of Asia's Delegation
Sisters of our Lady of Consolation
10 Mustang St. (Corner Malibu St.)
Fairview Park Subdivision
☎: (63) 2 4611395
@: consoldelgasia@gmail.com

The Delegation of Asia was established on March 24th 2015. This day in Asia were celebrated two births. The 200th anniversary of the birth of our Founder Saint Maria Rosa Molas and the new birth of Asia's Delegation.  The history of our Congregation in Asia began on May 13th 1986 when Sr. Matilde Segui and Sr. Carmen Ros arrived to Seoul, South Korea from Spain to start the presence of Consolation in this Continent. Since then the Congregation enlarged the space of her tent toward the Philippines in 2005 and Myanmar in 2010. With the reading of Ez 37:3-5 in a prayer previous to the official establishment of the Delegation of Asia the sisters committed themselves to continue giving life to the work started by Maria Rosa Molas and to spread the consolation in this colorful continent as a response to the question of the General Superior:” Daughters of Maria Rosa can this bones continue living after 200 hundred years?" Currently Asia's Delegation is composed of six communities spread over four countries.
South korea: Seongbukdong (Seoul) and Jingeon (Namyangju City)
Philippines: Quezon City and Cebu
Myanmar: Yangon
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh
One Charism expressed in a variety of languages and cultures.  

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